ALL A-BOUT MUSIC: Blink1SK8E2's Playlist to Get You Jam Ready

Blink 1SK8E2's Playlist to Get You Jam Ready

ALL A-BOUT MUSIC Blink 1SK8E2's Playlist to Get You Jam Ready

(9/8/16) — As a sport that caters to alternative lifestyles, it’s no surprise that roller derby boasts a plethora of skaters with names inspired by the art form that is most often at the forefront of every counterculture movement. From my own name (Blink 1SK8E2) to the more classic “Maul McCartney,” it’s no secret that we are a sport of athletes inspired by music; but, when you have an iPod with 10,000+ songs on it, which ones do you choose to get you pumped up for an evening of blocking and jamming?

Well, there’s no accounting for taste, but here are my top ten picks (in no particular order) of the best songs out there to get you bout ready. They are from a range of genres, but they share one thing in common: they are sonically engineered to make you feel like a badass.

“Eye of The Tiger” by Survivor

I have yet to watch Whip It (I know, I know, “bad derby girl!”), but I pump myself up with the most iconic song from another great sports movie franchise: Rocky. Not only is this song full of badass derby-friendly sentiments like “the thrill of the fight,” but it doesn’t hurt to remind myself of some of the great lines from one of the best sports movies of all time either. Just remember: “It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

“I Still Believe” By The Call

This isn’t the best-known song out there, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pump-up jam. With a melody that swells throughout the song and a message to the weary to keep going in the face of incredible hardship, this song may be just what you need to make breaking through that all-ass line feel like winning a war.

“Someone’s Watching Over Me” By Hilary Duff

I know, you haven’t heard this song since grade school, but remember the you you were back when you watched Lizzie Mcguire and dreamed without limit? Recapture that girl. With lines that remind you not to give up, to be strong, and to believe in yourself, I challenge you to listen to this song without smiling. And the someone who’s watching over you? That’s your teammate! Look for the assist.

“Rebel Girl” Bikini Kill

But before we get too nostalgic for the age of innocence, let’s remind ourselves of the girls we are now: #BADASSBITCHES. Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” can serve as that reminder with just one line: “that girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood/ well I’ve got news for you, she is.”

“Deceptacon” by Le Tigre

It never hurts to remind yourself that badassery can be fun, and Le Tigre’s feminist power jam (pun intended) does just that. The song is a summertime head banger but the lyrics are pure steel: “I’m a gasoline gut with a vasoline mind.” Am I 100% sure what that metaphor means? No. But I am 100% sure it represents everything I want to be on the track.

“Because I’m Awesome” by The Dollyrots

And while I’m adding female vocalists to this list, I might as well throw in one of my favorites by The Dollyrots. On this particular track, Kelly Ogden sounds like Kurt Cobain’s long lost sister ate a bowl of Confidence O’s for breakfast, and Confidence O’s just-so-happen to be my favorite pre-bout meal.

“Sweating Bullets” by Megadeth

In terms of sheer power, this song has a pretty high wattage. If the driving drum beats and wailing guitars don’t get you skating faster, lines like “stay an inch or two out of kicking distance” and “I’m chomping at the bit” certainly will. In a slightly psychotic way, this song will also remind you of who you really need to beat out there on the track. As my coach Edley always says, “it’s you versus you.”

“Rollin’” by Limp Bizkit

Perhaps the most literal song on this list, Limp Bizkit’s circa-2000 hit is akin to Dory’s “just keep swimming” line from Finding Nemo: it might seem obvious, but if you keep reminding yourself to do the simplest task possible, you’ll never stay down for long.

“Allstar” by Smashmouth

Another one from the vaults, and another fun song; but what makes “Allstar” different is its message, which is twofold. There’s the whole surface message, which is akin to Eminem’s message in "Lose Yourself": play your heart out and take every chance life gives you. But what I find to be the more powerful message in Smashmouth’s 1999 hit is the one contained in the line “you’ll never shine if you don’t glow.” This line reminds us that being an “Allstar” is a process, and on in which you are about to take yet another step toward.

“Feel The Love” by Rudimental

I don’t know about you, but above everything else, what gets me playing my best on the track is my team, their love and support and all that other mushy stuff. Rudimental’s “Feel The Love” combines elements of techno, hip-hip, an even jazz, all of which come together to create a pretty powerful song. Listen to it, and think about how the different personalities of your teammates will come together on the track to create a pretty powerful team. Listen to it, and feel the love.

Catch Blink 1SK8E2 rocking out to these jams and more at the after party when Miami's Vice City Rollers play against their sisters in Key West this Saturday, September 10, 2016.

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