Miami Rookies Share their Top 3 First-Bout Memories

(8/1/16) Miami's Vice City Rollers recently played against the Sintral Florida Derby Demons in Ormond Beach, Florida. While Sintral took the W (247-135), Miami had a real win with the debut of five rookies: Blink 1SK8E2, Shearshank Redemption, Candy Slamberg, Roxie Rollette and Velociraptor. Here's what they had to say about their top 3 most memorable experiences:

Blink 1SK8E2

Blink 1SK8E2 Jamming in Her First Roller Derby Bout

The most memorable moments of that bout were:

1. How bleeping awesome and encouraging the other team was. When I fell while jamming, Buxom Basher from Sintral told me that I almost had her and that I just needed to keep pushing.

2. Laying the jammer, Diva, out because she's amazing, and hitting someone that good is a hard-won honor.

3. Staring my coach De La down so hard that she had no choice but to put me in every other jam.

Roxie Rollette

Roxie Rollette rolls right by the competition during her first bout against Sintral Florida Derby Demons

My first bout was a double first for me—it was also the first time I attended a derby game. It was a pretty special day. My three favorite things were:

1. Teamwork makes the Dream work: doing our team chant right before the game reminded me that I am part of something bigger than myself. I am now Vice City too. We support each other in and out of the rink, and that feeling kept me going through the whole game.

2. Getting the star: Jamming for the first time was exciting and terrifying, all at the same time. I accomplished something that I didn't know I was able to, and it made me want to continue pushing myself to do better. Eleanor Roosevelt was right when she said: Do one thing every day that scares you.

3. High-five finale: Doing the after game lap around the rink and getting so much support from Sintral Devils and the audience was amazing. That moment exemplifies derby for me: a loving community cheering strong women on.

Shearshank Redemption

Shearshank Redemption takes a pause from blocking during her first roller derby bout.

1. I didn't die.

2. Seeing the look of intensity in my teammates' eyes as they went around the track.

3. Every time I got called for the lineup.


Velociraptor crushes her first roller derby bout!

1. Jamming, earning lead jammer and scoring points!

2. Wearing matching jerseys with my teammates after working so hard for so long to achieve it.

3. The love and support between both teams during the game and the after party.

Candy Slamberg 

Candy Slamberg falls but gets back up every single time during her first roller derby bout

1.     I loved jamming!

2.     Learning from the other team's strategies

3.     Playing alongside my derby wife, Sparks N Wreck. 


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