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Welcome to Miami Roller Derby

Miami Roller Derby, founded in 2011, is dedicated to bringing the thrilling, fast-paced, full-contact sport of flat track roller derby to Miami. As Miami's first and only roller derby league, we aim to establish a welcoming and supportive environment within our community where women, men, and children can develop their athletic ability. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we foster national and international competition of amateur athletes in the sport of roller derby.

Miami Vice City Rollers

Miami’s Vice City Rollers is a skater-owned and -operated organization. We are Miami’s first and only women’s roller derby league, founded May 28, 2011, and comprised of strong and independent women from the nation’s home of superb sports teams. The ladies of MVCR began practicing in June 2011.

Miami Brawlers

Miami Brawlers Coming Soon!

Miami Junior Roller Derby

The Lil’ Miss Demeanors full-contact roller derby league for girls ages 9-17 started practicing in 2011 and competed with other junior leagues from across the country. Fun, competitive, strength building, and full of flair, rollergirls are a special breed!

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