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Next class starts
June 9, 2024* at
5:00 PM

*Must attend online orientation at 8:00pm on June 6, 2024


Sign up for Roller Derby 101 to learn everything you need to know about roller skating and how to become a badass roller derby player!

NO skating/derby experience required! For less than $7 per practice, you'll learn basic skating, how to fall safely, and work your way up to advanced techniques.

This 12-week course costs $150* and includes:

  • An info packet about skates and safety gear         

  • Contact and discount info from our sponsors        

  • Practice twice a week (Friday 7-10p and Sunday 5-7p)

  • An off-skates work-out plan                                     

Requirements for enrollment:

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • Skates and safety gear as described in the info packet

  • Personal medical insurance is strongly suggested

*Payments are made through Quickbooks. Link is on the signup form.

Frequently asked questions

I don't know how to skate. Like... at all. Can I still sign up for the class?

Absolutely! This class will cover the basic skills you need to become a roller derby skater. You do not need previous experience. All skills levels are welcome.

Do I have to know how to play roller derby?

Nope! You will begin with basic skating skills and progress towards learning the rules and strategies of the game. Experienced skaters interested in transferring should email with the name of your previous league and experience level.

What can I do to get ready for the class?

Roller derby is physically and mentally demanding. You can prepare in advance by following our off-skates workout plan, which you will receive from our training director after registration. You will also receive a list of gear you will need with recommendations and a list of our sponsors so you can purchase your gear in advance. Finally, you can start checking out the game! Watch roller derby on YouTube or

What should I expect on the first day?

The first day you will meet the team, receive an introduction to roller derby by watching an on-skates demonstration by current team members, then practice some of the concepts you just learned off-skates. Hydrate plenty throughout the day and wear comfortable athletic clothes/shoes because you will be active. Afterwards we typically go out for food as a team to learn more about each other and talk about the practice. Here’s what else you’ll want to bring:

  • Extra water

  • Your ID

  • Pen & notepad

  • Skates and safety equipment (if you have them already)

​You do not have to have skating equipment on the first day. However if you do have it, feel free to bring it so our vets can take a look and make recommendations for any adjustments that could increase safety or just help you along in your skate journey.

Can I use my Moxi-style roller skates for derby?

Not unless you want to ruin your very cute, expensive skates!  We suggest getting derby skates for two reasons: maneuverability and wear-and-tear. First, the high ankles on Moxis/Impalas/Moon boots can be restrictive when it comes to derby. You'll need a lot of control for starting, stopping, and changing directions. That's what derby skates are designed for.

Second, those skates are SO PRETTY! Don't be surprised if they get trashed during regular practice. Regardless of what skate you use, protecting them with toe guards and duct tape is essential unless you want to be replacing your skates every year or two. The good news is starter skates are much cheaper than Moxis.

Will there be tryouts to join the team?

No, but at the end of the program, skaters will be tested to evaluate their skating skills. This will aid you in determining what skills you’ve accomplished and what you need to work on.

What happens if I pass the final assessment?

Skaters who pass Roller Derby 101 will move on to Roller Derby 102. Roller Derby 102 skaters will begin training with rostered skaters on more advanced skills. Upon passing RD101 and RD102, skaters will become a member of the league and will receive a Miami Roller Derby shirt with their name on it.

What happens if I fail the final assessment?

Those who do not pass the minimum skills assessment after the program will be welcome to start Roller Derby 101 again during the next class. In the meantime, you may continue skating with the team at practices and working on your own. You will then retest at the end of the next 101 class.

What are some other sources for information about derby?

There are lots of resources out there for roller derby. It is, in fact, a large community. You can check out the Women’s Flat Track Derby AssociationTreblemaker909.comRoller Derby AthleticsElektraQtionRDJunkies.

Have EVEN MORE questions? Great! We've got answers.

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