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Now recruiting Volunteers

Miami Roller Derby has a place for everyone. You don’t even need to be on skates to participate! People of all genders, backgrounds, and experiences are welcome.

Non-skating official

Are you interested in joining the team as a non-skating official (NSO)? NSOs are responsible for a variety of important duties at roller derby events. 

  • Scorekeeping: Keep track of points scored by each team during gameplay. 

  • Timekeeping: Start and stop the clock during gameplay and penalty timeouts. 

  • Penalty Tracking: Maintain track of penalties called for each player and team. 

  • Data Collection: Record team lineups, any substitutions, and/or lead jammer status. 

  • Administrative Duties: Handle paperwork and administrative tasks. 


Gaining new NSOs is vital to ensuring the success of roller derby in South Florida. You don't need to skate to make friends, get in on the action, and join Miami Roller Derby!


Email to join.


Are you passionate about sports, fairness, and adrenaline-packed action? Referees are the heart of every bout, ensuring safety and fair play. Get closer to the action than anyone else!

What do referees do?

  • Maintain order and safety: Ensure that players adhere to the rules of roller derby. Watch out for any unsafe behaviors and intervene as necessary. 

  • Judge gameplay: Uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. Award points and call penalties based on player actions. A typical bout needs 5-7 refs.

  • Be a part of the pack: Refs train and practice as roller derby athletes. They are essential members of the league.


If you have no skating experience, please join us for Fresh Meat aka Roller Derby 101!


Experienced skaters should email to join.

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