We are Miami Roller Derby

Our Mission

Miami's Vice City Rollers (MVCR), founded in 2011, is dedicated to bringing the thrilling, fast paced, full contact sport of flat track Roller Derby to Miami. As Miami's first Roller Derby league, we aim to establish a welcoming and supportive environment within our community where women, men, and children can develop their athletic ability. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we foster national and international competition of amateur athletes in the sport of Roller Derby.

Board of Directors:
President: Kristen De La Rua (aka De La Ruthless)
Treasurer: Jennifer Billings (Gwenifear)
Secretary:  TBA



About Miami’s Vice City Rollers:


Miami’s Vice City Rollers is proud to be Miami’s only women’s flat track roller derby league. Since its inception in June 2011, the league has experienced exponential growth, and now boasts both a competitive team and a junior team.


We take pride in the fact that everyone from our skaters, to our coaching staff, referees, and officials  volunteer their time because of their love of the sport.

Our mission is foster an inviting and competitive environment for women, while helping to grow the sport of roller derby in our community. Our long-term goal is to become certified on the national level by becoming a part of WFTDA; Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, and to ultimately have the ability to rent or own an indoor space, safe from the Miami elements.





Miami's Vice City Rollers


Miami’s Vice City Rollers is a skater owned and operated organization. We are Miami’s first and only women’s roller derby league, comprised of strong and independent women from the nation’s home of superb sports teams.  The ladies of MVCR began practicing in 2011 and played their first game on.


Today, we are competitive with derby leagues from across the country and striving for a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) membership.



Lil' Miss Demeanors


The Lil’ Miss Demeanors are a full contact roller derby league for girls ages 9-17.  The Miss Demeanors started practicing in 2011. Today, they compete with other junior leagues from across the country.  Fun, competitive, strength building, and full of flair, rollergirls are a special breed! 


Lil’ Miss Demeanors learn to push themselves both physically and mentally in order to achieve their dreams, how to be good teammates and leaders, and never say “I can’t”, but instead say “I will, it will come.”  Skaters learn to bond with girls from all walks of life, to have confidence in themselves, and how to perfectly mismatch knee socks and tights.



Referees/ NSO


With all of this roller derby, we need some order!  Que our amazing referees and Non-skating officials (NSOs.)  Without these dedicated volunteers, we wouldn't be able to play the top tier derby that our fans come back to see. 

Our referees skate around the inside and the outside of the track to ensure that all Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) rules are followed and to ensure safety. Our top notch NSOs can hold several positions as well, and are the cogs behind our well oiled machine.  All of our support staff work tirelessly to make sure that all of our games run smoothly. Our referees and NSOs support Miami’s Vice City Rollers and the Lil’ Miss Demeanors. Everyone is welcome to become part of our “Team Dazzle.” 


In the (not so distant) future, we hope to form a men’s team, and some familiar faces from our referee crew hope to be part of Miami’s first men’s roller derby league.

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